About Us


Executive Leadership

As the complexity of the radiology business environment continues to increase, Tower Imaging Medical Group remains flexible in its management structure and maintains its philosophy of physician self-management as a critical element to insure its ongoing success as a radiology partnership. Tower Imaging Medical Group operates with a board of directors that, with its chairman, is responsible for leading the financial and strategic direction of the group. The board is advised by other members of the group as well as its outside legal, accounting, and management advisors.

Decentralized Management Philosophy

Each outpatient facility and hospital department is under the direction of a Tower physician director who is charged with managing the operation of the imaging services at his or her site. These leaders are empowered to direct these departments with the Tower Imaging board and chairman serving primarily in an advisory role. This philosophy of decentralizing management of each practice site reflects the importance placed on each individual taking responsibility for continually striving to improve on the medical expertise and devotion to service that has led to our success as a radiology group.

Management Expertise

Physician leadership is the central tenet of Tower Imaging’s philosophy of management. Believing that radiologists with appropriate input from business, accounting, and legal consultants are critical to the successful implementation of its goals has led Tower Imaging to develop an experienced management team.

Tower Fiscal services, under the direction of Rafael Ramirez, CPA, supports Tower Imaging Medical Group with benefit management, financial and tax reporting, and payroll services. The experience gained from more than twenty years of providing service coupled with the continuous growth in both the scale and scope of our operation has led to the successful development of our infrastructure.

Fiscal Services

The financial and human resource capability of Tower Imaging through its fiscal service division has enabled growth of the company in several important areas.

A professionally managed and highly developed health insurance and pension plan contributes to the security of all the physicians of Tower Imaging and its employees. Additionally, tax advantaged benefits including a sophisticated executive medical and business reimbursement program, disability and long-term care insurance plans, medical malpractice insurance, and access to tax planning services provide incentives to affiliated physicians. The fiscal services division manages our favorable banking relationship with local banks and our accounting relationship for tax and financial reporting services with Tower Imaging’s outside accounting firm.

Finally, monthly financial statements and reports including profit and loss and receivable and collection statistics of each operating division of the company are provided to management. The competitive advantage Tower Imaging realizes from these services has clearly contributed to our long term success.

Teaching and Leadership

Tower radiologists believe it is important to provide leadership through teaching residents and providing academic support for area medical schools, holding office in local and national organizations, and contributing to the radiology literature through performing research, writing articles, lecturing, and acting as reviewers and editors for national imaging publications.


Many members of the group are clinical members of the faculty and teach residents for the UCLA, USC, UCI, and UCSF departments of radiology. Tower physicians also are frequent lecturers at local and national radiology meetings and serve as reviewers and authors of original publications for radiology journals including AJR, Radiology, and the American Journal of Neuroradiology.


Tower Imaging physicians include a past president of the Los Angeles Radiological Society and the American Society of Head and Neck Radiology, and serve as consultants, committee members or officers of the Society of Breast Imaging, Los Angeles division of the American Cancer Society, federal and state government agencies, the American College of Radiology, and the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine.